Implementation of the Uniform Guidance and the RACC Examinations

RACC is going to include questions referencing the Uniform Guidance into the examinations on a slight delay and over a period of time/phases. This decision was based on the fact that one of our eligibility requirements is that a research administrator needs to have at least three years of experience in the profession, so we are essentially testing information which should have been acquired from working during the last three years. Additionally, many of the changes to the annual audit requirements do not take place immediately and are implemented over time.

RACC has decided to phase the new regulations into our examinations gradually, so that by the end of three years the examinations will be totally based on the new Uniform Guidance and the resulting agency positions in the management of their awards. We believe that this phased approach will also mirror how research administrators will be implementing the regulations in daily decisions and in our roles. The schedule is as follows:

  • May and November – former regulations (Circular based and using agency specific regulations predating the December 26 implementation date)
  • May and November – approximately 1/3 of the relevant questions will be based on the new regulations
  • May and November – approximately 2/3 of the relevant questions will be based on the new regulations
  • May examination – All relevant questions will be based on the new regulations

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