The designation of Certified Research Administrator (CRA) and Certified Pre-award Research Administrator (CPRA) means that an individual has met the Research Administrator Certification Council eligibility requirements and has demonstrated knowledge of the fundamental information necessary for a person to be a professional research or sponsored program administrator.

The benefits of certification are many. Those who have attained CRA and CPRA status and those seeking qualified research administrators have cited various reasons for certification:

• The CRA and CPRA designation provides documented evidence that an individual has been examined by an independent professional organization and found to have the basic knowledge essential to fulfill the responsibilities of a research or sponsored programs administrator.

• The CRA and CPRA indicates that an individual has taken the time and effort, beyond just job experience, to learn the Body of Knowledge, thus exhibiting a significant commitment to working in this profession.

• Employing CRA's and CPRA's provides credibility for your organization, both internally and externally.

Candidates must (1) possess a Bachelor's degree, plus 3 years of substantial involvement in research or sponsored programs administration either in a sponsoring or recipient organization or the equivalent in a self-funding organization, (2) possess an Associate's degree plus 6 years experience or (3) possess 8 years experience in research administration.

Candidates must pass a written examination developed by the Council and administered by the Professional Testing Corporation. The examination is based on the Council's Body of Knowledge, which reflects basic information in a wide range of subject areas that a research or sponsored programs administrator must know  to handle the demands and responsibilities of the profession.

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